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We offer a vast spectrum of services that helps organizations move from idea to deployment with ease simply by optimizing their technology ecosystems. Our repertoire of services covers Web Development, Mobile Development, Cloud Development, Data Engineering, etc. all with an Agile approach. We are also qualified to provide services for NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Jira, etc.

A complete guide to agile software development methodology

Agile methodology has been trending since 2015, and it is one trend which is growing rapidly. Which is not surprising, considering it is perfect for software development. However, it is easy to lose sight of Agile software development and how it actually works. Allow us to present you with a complete guide to Agile software development methodology. With this deep discussion about agile we are sure that you will be able to kickstart the process of software development.

What do you mean by Agile?

Agile software development methodology is a stepwise process that helps teams complete the software development cycle on time by incorporating needed changes. Agile is nothing but a mindset and consists of practices like Kanban, Scrum, Lean and many more proven techniques. With Agile it is possible for the project head to get the client into the loop from the start. Apart from that, Agile assists clients in understanding the process while also helping them make new requests and changes.

What are the principles of Agile Development Methodology?

Agile follows some specific principles as outlined below:

  • The team must give priority to customer satisfaction and accept new changes.
  • The project team must offer a quality product at the end of the development cycle.
  • The key to success in Agile software development is the flow of communication between the development team and the customer.
  • The working software is the only way to measure progress.
  • The team must strive for excellence at work. Must give their best shot in delivering quality products.
  • Appreciation boosts the morale of the team. And the team achieves the extra mile with the sustainable development pace.

Advantages of Using Agile Software Development

Using Agile is a smart move and gives you a competitive edge. Here are some of its benefits:

Client involvement in the process

Client involvement plays an important role during the entire software development process. The team benefits tremendously with the client’s consistent engagement with the project after completion of every milestone. This is instrumental in helping the team build the software from the client’s perspective, meeting the client’s exact needs.

Shorter software development time

The development process is divided into short sprints. This reduces the client’s feedback and helps delivers the software on time.

Improves quality

With the project broken down into shorter sprints, the team can focus on smaller sections at a time, thus delivering quality pieces after rigorous testing.

What are the Agile methodologies?

Agile development methodology consists of varied components, some of which include:

  1. Scrum methodology: This methodology works on gaining experience via iterations and continuous learning while solving complicated problems. This is a smart approach that paves the way for the team’s and the organization’s growth. Scrum software development is based on some essential tools, such as product backlog, sprint backlog, and a sprint goal.
  2. Kanban: It is one of the Agile software development frameworks. And it focuses on enhancing productivity by properly balancing the workflow.
  3. Extreme programming (XP): Do you wish to know which is the most disciplined methodologies? Extreme Programming fits the bill as it delivers high-quality software via easy feedback, continuous planning, and testing.
  4. Lean software development: It is known as the minimum viable product method in which the project team releases the product known as MVP. This method gives the client an idea of what to eliminate or add in the present MVP.

To sum up

Are you seeking cost-effective deliverables and high-quality software in a short time frame? Agile is the answer. It is an excellent methodology used in various software development processes. The one reason we favor the Agile development methodology is because the team develops the software in tandem with the client and thinks as per their perception.