Enterprises are leveraging cloud platforms to leverage virtually unlimited scalability, robust architecture, and secure data management. Victrix has been partnering with these enterprises to align the benefits of implementing PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS to solve complex challenges and simplify operations. These solutions include cloud development and migration, handling strategies, cost optimization, efficient cloud-native apps, data warehouses, and legacy infrastructure migration. We offer cloud consulting services to help businesses innovate, scale, and optimize their cloud resources, ensuring high ROI and overcoming challenges.

Clouds we work with

Azure Development

Victrix, a Microsoft Azure consulting firm, offers Azure migration, Azure-based development, and environment optimization services to help businesses effectively adopt and utilize Azure cloud services. We deliver Azure Consulting Options like Azure Migration, App development in Azure and Azure Optimization.

Google Cloud Platform

Victrix offers Google cloud platform services such as storage options such as cloud Storage, Cloud SQL & more, Computing and data processing services like dataproc, dataprep, dataplow, pub/sub,etc. Unique feature of GCP that Supports AI and ML and networking services that leverage automation, advanced AI and programmability.

AWS Development

Victrix, an AWS Select Services Partner, provides strategic AWS migration and cloud-native development solutions, ensuring cost-effective use of AWS-based infrastructure. Our AWS development services includes AWS Consulting, AWS App Development, Cloud Application Development, DevOps, Monitoring, Management and Support.

Measure Your Performance

Are you spending time on measuring your cloud service solution? By tracking its metrics, you can dramatically improve business results and notice an immediate impact.

The experts at Victrix are committed to enabling your transition to the cloud and will work with you to help you maximize this process. The team will regularly monitor the performance of your cloud solution in order to give your business an edge, and also continually develop their own skills.

What we offer – Cloud Platform Services

1. Cloud Consulting
We audit IT infrastructure, analyze cloud adoption needs, prepare feasibility studies, and provide cloud architects, advising on provider, strategy, risk mitigation, and security.

2. Cloud Migration
We modernize applications and data storage, execute fast migrations, prepare test strategies, perform manual and automated testing, integrate cloud and on-premises environments, implement CI/CD, improve security, and more.

3. Cloud Development
Front-end development, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and FDA compliance experts are integral to our team’s services, ensuring seamless integration and support for cloud-based apps and data warehouses.

4. Cloud Optimization
We assess your cloud environment, ensure proper use of services, manage redundant services, optimize resources, and explore options like Reserved and Spot instances.

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