When we started building Victrix, we had the good fortune of meeting many people who expressed their keen desire to be associated with us. And with each conversation that took place with every single person, most at different levels, we had one takeaway.

We realized that no matter what background they came from, all of them had an underlying need to be part of an organization where their identity is not defined merely by their job title. They wanted to belong to a place where they are recognized for who they are as a person rather than what technical/required job skills they bring to the table. They needed to know that if they have the wings, this organization will give them the sky to fly in.

We, at Victrix, believe in such people and are more than willing to take a leap of faith to provide an opportunity to the ones who want to fly and come to us seeking open skies. We hire people not just for their skills but for their overall potential and attitude.

We are delighted to say that the environment at Victrix enables our people, giving them opportunities to experiment, to make mistakes and to then learn from those mistakes. We provide a flexible working environment and never micromanage. We spare no efforts to provide them with all that they need to reach their best potential. This doesn’t just stop at the latest technologies but also includes assigning internal coaches and mentors who can provide learning opportunities through trainings, certifications, etc. This empowers them to achieve not just their personal dreams but also meet organizations goals. In a nutshell, we let them be themselves. Because for us, our peoples happiness matters the most.

When we look at the growth these seeds of trust have demonstrated we see an organization which has grown manifold in terms of business and headcount. Our people are driven by PASSION, value DIVERSITY and INCLUSION, are COMMITTED to customers, act with INTEGRITY and are evolving by INNOVATION.

This is the culture of Victrix which is built by our people and for our people, customers, vendors and colleagues.